Being a virgin nowadays makes you special, it’s like being a unicorn.

You can feel special if you are dating a virgin. Your partner will remember you as their first, forever. People have shared their experience of dating a virgin partner on Whisper.

Here are the confessions by such people who have dated a virgin:

1. My boyfriend is a virgin so he always wants to make out and fool around. Always. It’s exhausting because it’s nothing new to me so I don’t want it as much as he does.


2. My boyfriend is a virgin. I’m not. Sometimes I think to myself “will he ever be comfortable enough around me to have sex?”


3. My boyfriend’s a virgin but he can get me off better then anyone.


4. My girlfriend is a virgin and she doesn’t know how much I masturbate. It makes me feel dirty.


5. I’m more nervous about taking my boyfriend’s virginity than I was losing my own.


6. My girlfriend is a virgin it’s so hard for me to have self control when we cuddle.


7. My girlfriend is a virgin and I am not. I’m afraid to take her virginity. I don’t want to take it then not be the right person for her. I don’t want losing it to haunt her like it does me.


8. My girlfriend is a virgin and I’m trying hard to be patient and loyal with her, its been a month. I hope I can last.


9. I am scared my boyfriend only wants to have sex with me because he is a virgin and I am not…it feels like he just wants to even the playing field.


10. My girlfriend is a virgin. I’m not. I think we’re ready to have sex but I’m small and I’ve never felt more self conscious about it.


11. My boyfriend is a virgin and I secretly find it completely adorable.


12. My gf is a virgin, and it’s important to her. Alto ugh, she;s starting to consider having sex. I don’t know if I should do it even if she asks though.


13. My boyfriend is a virgin but is better at everything than any guy I’ve been with.


14. My boyfriend is a virgin. I’m not… I feel really weird potentially taking his virginity.


15. My girlfriend is a virgin and the most she’s done is make out fully clothed. I kinda don’t know where to start sexually in our relationship, I just don’t want to over whelm her.


16. My girlfriend is a virgin and I always feel guilty when I think about having sex with her or thinking about telling her I’d like to.


All of the above confessions have been taken from whisper.