Bollywood witnessed a dramatic transformation during 1990’s. It started with a promising beginning of another decade with surprising and fantastic talents emerging within the industry. At that time the Hindi film industry was blessed to have a talented actress Divya Om Prakash Bharti popularly known as Divya Bharti.


How can we ever forget her mesmerizing beauty dancing to the tunes of “Saat Samundar?” Indeed Divya Bharti belonged to the league of the few actress who set off their career at a very tender age. She first appeared on screen in the year 1990, at the age of 16 in a Telugu movie, ‘Bobbili Raja’ alongside Venkatesh. Divya is remembered for her invincible performances in commercially successful movies, Shola aur Shabnam, Vishawtma, Dil Aashna hai, Dil Kya Kasoor, Deewana and so on. Her soaring and glorious career, however, faced an abrupt due to her mysterious death at the age of only 19.

Her incomplete Telugu film Tholi Muddhu was partly completed by Indian actress Rambha, who actually resembled Bharti slightly. Divya Bharti was very happily married to the filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala with whom she met through Govinda at the shooting of Shola Aur Shabnam. Soon both Bharti and Nadiadwala fell in love with each and they tie the knot on 10th May 1992. Gradually she converted to Islam after her wedding with Sajid and she changed her name to Sana Nadiadwala.

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Before her untimely bereavement, the beautiful actress was having a bright career which is always a dream for anyone in Bollywood industry. And she was supposed to play the lead role in Anil Kapoor starrer Laadla, in fact, Divya had completed shooting more than half of the movie. Later Sridevi was recast in her role due to the death of Divya Bharti. She signed movies including, Mohra, Kartavya, Vijaypath, and Andolan.

Here are some facts which you might don’t know about Divya Bharti’s perplexing death:

1. Even after 2 decades it remains unsolved whether Divya Bharthi’s demise is result of suicide, murder or a mere accident

On 5th April 1993, the fantastic actress Divya Bharthi said goodbye to the world as she met with an unfortunate accident. As per media reports she fell down from a five storied building, known as Tulsi Apartment in Versova Mumbai. The sudden demise of the glam diva received a lot of attention.

The exact reason of falling was never established thou media reports at that time includes falling under influence of alcohol, push by someone, and involvement of her husband and underworld mafia. But Mumbai police finally closed the case of Divya Bharthi on 1998 due to lack of evidence and the reason was stated as accidental death.


2. Recall the story of Divya Bharti’s sudden demise and its unknown cause

The unexpected death of mesmerizing beauty shocked the entire nation to leave them shattered and heartbroken. Even her fans were unable to trust this cruel truth, the reason of her death remain still unsolved.


3. The unfortunate night of 5th April 1990

On the fateful day of her death, the 19-years-old cine-artist finalized a new apartment for herself in Mumbai which was not so easy at that time but still she managed to purchase it for her brother Kunal, but her brother also did not stay there for much time.

On that day Divya had just returned from Chennai and she was all set to move to Hyderabad for her next venture but obviously, she canceled her trip to Hyderabad as first she wanted to sort out the matter of her flat, other than she was also having injured foot so she informed the same to her producer.

Soon Divya was all set to meet with designer friend Neeta Lulla and her husband at the Versova flat. You will be surprised to know that the Versova flat where Divya where having accommodation was not actually registered in her name, may she was planning to register it.


4. Moments before Divya Bharti’s death

At her Versova flat, Divya Bharthi welcomed Neeta Lulla with her husband around 10pm. All three of them were having conversations and were also having drinks while doing chatting and discussion. Divya’s maid Amrita was also present there and Divya was continuously talking with her.

Neeta and her husband were busy watching TV and they did not mark what Divya was doing. Meanwhile Amrita went to kitchen and Divya movied towards window while talking with her maid loudly.


5. Divya Bharti’s last moments

In the living room of Divya, she was having only one open window with no grills, and there was no balcony. Down that grill deprived window was a car parking area of the flat but it was a black night as on that day there was not even a single car parked there.

While speaking Divya tried to take rest on the narrow window with her back facing the living room, but she did not noticed that somehow she moved to the edge of the open window. Trying to get a proper hold of the place Divya was resting, she slipped off from the edge of the window and fell down straight to the ground below.


6. Divya Bharti’s Last breath

It will be just horror to feel that somebody fell down from 5 storey building, exactly this vicious experienced faced by Bharthi. Obviously, she just had a massive blood loss and bleeding but was still alive.

But finally Divya lost battle with her life in the emergency ward of Cooper Hospital.


Though the luminary is not with us anymore, but we still memorize and remember her for the extraordinary contribution to the Bollywood.