Remember when you knew nothing about sex? And as you were just a curious kid rapidly approaching puberty and was so desperate to know all the answers but were too embarrassed to ask.

So you went down to write your questions anonymously on internet. There you can ask anything you want and no one will even know who you are in real. But people are too dumb to ask any stupid questions online and after you know what they asked, you will also agree with us.

Here are dumbest sex-related questions which people asked on internet:

1. Such a big fan of Beiber

2. No need of contraception

3. Now what was that?

4. Too much of exercise

5. A man with woman’s profile

6. An ardent pizza lover

7. He is so innocent

8. Maybe you are pronouncing the shlokas incorrectly

9. Can you ask any better question

10. Remember that for next time

11. Wish every guy has a friend like you

12. May be in your next birth

13. This guy will stay virgin

14. When the animal inside you wake up

15. So much love for his tool

16. Let your penis glow

17. Does it matter after you are no long

18. Any pet lovers out there?

19. How can anybody do that?

20. Please correct the spelling first

21. Somebody help

22. She really needs her brain back

23. With your finger, dude!

24. What! What! What!

25. No, but there are other ways

Need more proof?