Ever experienced something which you just can’t explain?

Many of you must not be a ghost believer, and think that supernatural encounters are just fantasy and does not exists. But, what if you were told that the following stories are the real confessions of people.

We have collected real ghost encounters which people shared on Whisper. Get ready to get some chill.

Here are those 19 real encounters people had with ghosts, you can decide for yourself:

1. I was just sitting in my room home alone, and I have nothing on but my small fan, and I heard someone say “Mommy”.. I don’t have a child…


2. I think my house is haunted. Not kidding. I hear foot steps when no one is upstairs and I woke up to something pushing my shoulder hard.


3. I’m sure my old house was haunted. My roommates and I heard voices, shared the same nightmare, saw figures and shadows when no one else was home and even woke up with scratches in weird places.


4. I saw a ghost once. My husband did too. Sometimes the cats avoid that spot and I wonder if she’s watching me.


5. Once I woke up in the middle of night to see a woman a foot away from me. She was bent over just staring at me. We looked at each other for 10 sec then I looked away and she disappeared.


6. My house is haunted, no big deal. But today the TV turned on by itself. Nope, I don’t like that ghost.


7. When I was 10 I didn’t believe in ghosts. One day when my sister and I were home alone, I saw a pale lady dressed in a 1800s night gown go through a wall. I’ve been a believer ever since.


8. I think the ghost of my ex girlfriend watches me. I hear her voice when I’m by myself, she died 5 years ago.


9. When we were younger, my brother and I had to share a room one night. I had always heard whispers. This night, my brother sat up in his sleep and said “They’re calling you. Go to them”.


10. I remember being at my grandma’s house, I slept in the living room and around 2 in the morning I felt a hand brush against my foot and when I checked to see what it was I was pulled off the bed.


11. Way earlier today I swear I saw a ghost, I was so frightened.. Well tonight when I went to sleep I had a dream and the man popped up.. I woke up crying and shaking. I’m scared.


12. My wife woke me up to say that there is an intruder in the house, my wife died 2 years ago because of an intruder.


13. There’s a spirit at my job, it makes my car alarm go off at exactly 11pm every night I work.


14. One time I got a phone call in my old apartment, there was a quite voice of a little girl saying “you should leave soon mister, or else the boogeyman will get you” the next day somebody broke in.


15. I was home alone. Was in my room for hours. When my parents came back home they asked if I was in the living room seconds ago. I said no and they replied that they’d seen a dark figure standing there.


16. When I was younger I used to see a mans face appear in windows quite often, it was always the same man, never the same window.


17. My house is haunted. I worry for my life sometimes.


18. Nobody believes my house is haunted. Yeah, the bruises and scratch marks all over me sure don’t say anything.


19. I saw a ghost at work two nights ago. My coworker was standing right beside me but she didn’t see it. I’ve never been so freaked out in my life.

All of the above confessions have been taken from whisper.