With all the new technology and gadgets, can long distance relationships really work?

Being in long-distance relationship can be unrealistic sometimes. Decide well before going into a long-distance relationship if you can handle it, it takes good communication, lot of compromise and high understanding level. It is quite a routine in your LDR to get stuck, which make you think that that relationship is just not working.

People have shared their confessions on Whisper, who have broken up in long-distance relationship.

Here are breakup confessions by couples who have been in long-distance relationship:

1. My LDR just broke up with me via text while I was asleep.


2. My long-distance boyfriend broke up with me because he doesn’t trust me at parties.


3. I broke up with my long-distance boyfriend because it hurt. I would have never done it if I had known how much worse it would hurt after he was gone.


4. I broke up with my long-distance girlfriend through an 18 minute long video because I wanted her to know how much of a bitch she was and why.


5. I broke with my LDR boyfriend and I felt nothing. We really weren’t meant to be.


6. I broke up with my LDR gf. We never met but we were together for 5 months. Skype, WhatsApp all the time! Hurts more than my exs who I saw regularly.


7. Broke up with my long-distance girlfriend via a voicemail because she wouldn’t talk to me. The reason I did it was because she wasn’t talking to me.


8. My long-distance girlfriend broke up with me because her best friend didn’t approve of our relationship. I really just miss someone to talk to everyday.


9. Almost two weeks ago my LDR ended. I just deleted all the screenshots and pictures of them I had.


10. Just found out that the reason my LDR ended was because when it was official & I was looking for tickets to see her she got scared that she wasn’t good enough so she ended it. She still wanted me tho.


11. I broke up with my long-distance girlfriend today I feel more alone now than ever.


12. I visited my long-distance boyfriend to surprise him for his birthday but then 6 days later he broke up with me through phone call.


13. Broke up today after 13 months together. It’s easier, because the physical, and affectionate stuff you usually get in a relationship has been missing for us.


14. I had to break up with my girlfriend (through text I know that shitty but it was an LDR and that’s the only way I could) and she hasn’t read it and I feel like I made a huge mistake but she’s the one who cheated on me so.


15. My long distance ex sent me his favorite shirt last Christmas. He had it since he was a kind and it was always too big on him. When he broke up with me and told me he didn’t want to deal with a handicapped chick, I burned the shirt.


16. Got drunk and broke up with my long-distance girlfriend. Not even mad. It might work for some people, but I’m lonelier than ever and I don’t feel like I have someone on my side.


17. My long-distance broke up with me and told me it would be fine because it wasn’t very real anyways and now I’m crying.


18. 7 months ago I broke up with my long-distance boyfriend because he cheated but I still can’t stop stalking his profile.


19. I am absolutely dreading the face of hurt when I break up with my LDR boyfriend over FaceTime… I’m doing myself a favor but damn I don’t want to see him hurt.


20. My long-distance boyfriend broke up with me without any reason, he blocked my number, my Instagram, and my Snapchat. What a little bitch.


21. My LDR partner and I ended it because he needed sex to help with his depression. WTF did I do long distance, ugh.


22. My long-distance boyfriend and I broke up. We dated for 4 years and ended it still loving each other. I’m afraid I’ll never move on.


23. Finally ended my long-distance relationship. I feel… Lighter.


24. Long-distance break ups are the worse. There’s no closure.


25. My long-distance boyfriend broke up with me today. Part of me knew it couldn’t work out because of the distance. But I wasn’t prepared for it to end just yet. I feel completely numb.


26. I broke up with my long-distance boyfriend by forcing my friends to tell him I was in coma when I wasn’t.


All of the above confessions have been taken from whisper.