People have shared their most embarrassing stories of being caught while masturbating on the Whisper, read on the awkward moments:

1. I was caught by a window cleaner. I was almost finished too. I now live with my blinds closed.


2. My father caught me twice. He ended up taking away my cable box the second time.


3. My mom caught me, I played it off like I was adjusting my underwear. She brushed it off as true and told me to come set the table for dinner.


4. I was caught by my dad. Told him I was scratching a rash and he gave me an ointment and everything.


5. My dad walked in and I dove under the sheets. He never figured out what I was doing.


6. My roommate burst into my room to surprise me with brownies. He was surprised with the gay porn I was watching and dropped the brownies.


7. My college roommates and I used to catch each other all the time. It got to the point where we’d just stop, talk for a sec about whatever, and then continued stroking when the other left.


8. Brother walked in on me under the blanket and I froze until he left. The next morning he said I knew what you were doing.


9. I fell asleep and my brother caught me all he did was throw a towel at me and said go get a shower.


10. I was about to use my vibrator when my roommate walked in and said, “you seem busy.” Then she left.


11. I have these type of doors (picture) and no one feels the need to knock so one day my brother ran in while I was doing it and yelled “I FOUND 20-OH MY GOD” then ran screaming.


12. I was masturbating and then my mom came into my room asking me about chores, and I didn’t notice until she was all like “OH GOD” and walked away. I literally cried afterwards.


13. I was once caught jerking it by my grandma and she yelled at me, then took me to church.


14. I once masturbated while my gf was asleep upstairs and my gf’s friend was sleeping next to me on the lounge.


15. Sometimes I masturbate in bed when my boyfriends asleep next to me.


16. I masturbated next to my friend while she was sleeping, lol.


17. Wife’s sister confessed to me she thinks about me while masturbating.


18. I was once caught by my mom while masturbating and she was just like; “close the curtains if you don’t want to be seen”.


19. Once I was masturbating and my music was on shuffle. Some Jesus music came on. I felt too guilty to finish.


20. One time I masturbated with a perfume bottle and it shattered.


21. One time when I was masturbating my dad walked in and cheered me on.


22. I was masturbating once and my mum knocked on my door, she said my vibrator sounds like a power drill.


23. I was masturbating one time and I didn’t know my parents were home and I was moaning so loud that they texted me to see if I was okay.

embarrassing-masturbation-confession-23All of the above confessions have been taken from whisper.