Getting caught while you are having sex is a nightmare. And if you are being caught by your parents, imagine how embarrassing that could be.

Hopefully most of you would not have endure the horror of being caught in bed getting horny with your partner, but unfortunately there are people who have been caught red handed doing the act.

We have collected such incidents, which people have shared on Whisper, confessing their part of story.

Here are 19 such people who have confessed after being caught by their parents, while they were getting nasty with their loved ones:

1. Dad walked in on me having sex with a guy. He took one look at us, and just walked out. So we resumed.


2. My dad walked in while I was having sex with my girlfriend, all he said was don’t get her pregnant.


3. My mom walked in on me my boyfriend having sex and he was on top of me. My excuse? He was leaning over to get the remote. She believed it still thinks I’m a virgin.


4. My parents are too chill. My boyfriend and I were having sex on the couch and they didn’t even care. they walked in, said hello, and went to their office.


5. My boyfriend’s dad walked in on us having sex today. All he said was “that’s my boy” and walked out.


6. Boyfriends mom walked in on us. She just said sorry and continued to tell her story about her day I’m so grateful she didn’t make a big deal.


7. The first time I met my girlfriends family her dad walked in on us having sex!


8. My girlfriend and I were having sex when her mom walked in on us, my back was facing the door so I didn’t know and didn’t stop.


9. My dad walked on me having sex with my ex. All he said was to muffle her moans because he was trying to sleep. He’s the real MVP.


10. I was having sex with boyfriend under the blankets when my mom walked in. She started casually talking about dinner plans and my opinions with no idea I had a dick in me.


11. My boyfriend’s dad was a teenage dad and acts so young sometimes. He walked in on us having sex and said “big dick runs in the family” and winked before leaving. My boyfriend laughed but I couldn’t carry on.


12. My mom walked in on me sex-skyping my boyfriend last night. I hurried and grabbed a pillow and all she said was “are you showing him your boobs?” And when I didn’t reply she just walked out.


13. My boyfriend’s mom walked in on us having sex, said “well I was going to ask if you were hungry, but I can see your busy devouring each other”… I went home.


14. My mom accidentally walked in on my friend and I (both girls) having sex because we were bit too loud. All she said was, “go easy on the headboard”.


15. My boyfriend came over last night without my parents knowing. We were having sex and I said ‘come daddy’ really loud and my dad walked in rubbing his eyes saying ‘what is it?’. It was awkward af.


16. My mom walked in on me having sex, but instead of getting mad she gave us our dinner and left.


17. My boyfriend’s mom walked in on us having sex and now she’s so excited because she thinks she’s going to have grandchildren.


18. Had sex with my boyfriend last night. My mom walked in, looked, and threw condoms at us. All she said was “at least you guys are protected now.” And walked out. Mother of the year.


19. This one time I was having sex with my boyfriend. And his mom walked in and said. “That’s hot” and walked out.

All of the above confessions have been taken from whisper.