When you find that your are dying of illness, you want your loved ones to be there for you. But everyone is not lucky enough to have partners who stay with them in their worst time of life. People on Whisper shared their feelings when they told their loved ones that they were dying, their loved ones left. Too much heartbreak, isn’t it?

Here are such confessions by people who were left alone by their lovers while they were dying:

1. I hate all these cancer treatments. They have made me so ugly. My significant other broke up with me a month ago, but I don’t blame them. Please make sure to hug the people you love everyday.

2. I found out last week that I have terminal Leukemia. Doctors say I have 4months to live. I told my boyfriend and he dumped me, saying there was no point. I’m shaving my head alone today.

3. I confessed to my fiance that I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. He dumped me saying he wouldn’t have a wife with no boobs.

4. My fiance left me when my cancer got worse. I want to stop treatment, I have nothing left to live for.

5. My ex dumped me cause I could possibly have skin cancer and he didn’t wanna date a girl with cancer.

6. He left me because he can’t accept that I’m dying.

7. I’m 22 and I had my whole life planned out with my Angel, the love of my life she left me the day I found out I only have 3 years left to live. I no longer have a reason to live.

8. I was just diagnosed with a terminal illness. And my boyfriend left me. forever alone became real.

9. Six months ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. When I told by boyfriend he broke up with me because he was afraid of losing me, He still lost me just in a different way.

10. Three years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. 2 years ago my girlfriend dumped me to go out more and not take care of me. Today I’m sick bit ready to move on to find someone who cares for me. I’m nervous.

11. Just told my girlfriend, whom I love deeply, that I have terminal cancer and less than a year to live. She broke up with me!

12. My boyfriend broke up with me after I told him my cancer is terminal. He doesn’t want to “waste his time” with someone who has no future.

13. Told my boyfriend I have cancer. He dumped me 40 minutes later.

14. My girlfriend of three years dumped me after finding out I had a terminal illness. I have never felt so completely useless in my life.

15. I have cancer. It got worse and my girlfriend dumped me at the most crucial stage of my situation. I feel disposable. Am I right to feel equally angry as I am sad.

16. My boyfriend just broke up with me because he needs to find himself. But I’m the one dying from terminal cancer.

17. My boyfriend just broke up with me over text while I’m in the hospital with cancer. I died a little inside but that’s okay, because I’m dying anyway.

18. Told my boyfriend I had cancer showed him the latter that said I was terminal. He left me, said it was all too much for him.

19. My boyfriend broke up with me because I have cancer. He left when I needed him the most.

20. I just got diagnosed with cancer a week ago. I’m only 17 and my boyfriend dumped me because he didn’t want a bald girlfriend.

All of the above confessions have been taken from Whisper.