Weather you believe in before or after marriage sex its your choice. In times when people use Tinder to find partners to just have fun premarital sex has become a trend now. Youngsters now a days considers it perfectly fine to have sex before marriage and be in relationship just for bed time fun.

But, there is exceptions to everything. So, there are such people who want to get physical with only the person they marry. For them sex is not just a bed time fun but a beautiful thing to share between two couples.

But is it really worth waiting?

People who have waited to have sex until their wedding night have confessed about how they feel about the decision, read on:

1. I waited until marriage, so did my husband. Wasn’t a religious choice. And yes, it was totally it.


2. Waited until my wedding night to have sex for the first time. I know how wrong this is, but sometimes I wish I had tried it with other men.


3. My husband and both lost our virginities on our wedding night. We had sex four times that night.


4. I waited until marriage to have sex… then I realized I wish I had explored my sexuality more. Now it’s too late and I’m out of luck.


5. I was a virgin until my wedding night. My husband wasn’t. Turns out, I was better at sex than he was!


6. I waited to have sex until I was married. I deeply regret that decision because on the extremely rare occasions we actually have sex, it isn’t enjoyable.


7. I lost my virginity to my husband the morning after our wedding. It wasn’t perfect but it was wonderful, intimate, adorably awkward and we finished together.


8. I waited to have sex until my wedding night. I was 22 and he was 24. We were both virgins. Whenever I tell others this, they seem to judge me and think it would be stupid to do such a thing.


9. Yes, I waited until marriage. Yes, it was very hard. Yes, it was worth it. And oh yes, we still make up for lost time.


10. I waited to have sex until I got married. I regret it now. My wife and I aren’t sexually compatible and I know we both secretly wonder what it would be like with other people.


11. I was a virgin until my wedding night… and I regret waiting. I feel like I have to warn people.


12. I’m a guy. Even though I had lots of opportunities before, I waited to have sex until I was with my wife on my wedding night. Best decision I even made!


13. I lost my virginity on my wedding night. Honestly I feel like it’s been healthy for my marriage. I can’t keep my hand off my wife.


14. I waited until marriage to have sex only to find out she’s not really interested in sex. But I still love her more than anything.


15. My wife and I waited until marriage to have sex. She’s an amazing woman and I love everything about her. Then I find out she’s amazing in bed too! I’m one lucky guy.


16. I waited until my wedding night to have sex. My husband is terrible in bed and can’t please me at all.

All of the above confessions have been taken from whisper.