We all know that no one is perfect, but when we love someone we always discover all those little flaws which make the person perfect, without imperfection there is no perfectness in the world.
If one is slightly attracted towards you, the person will definitely make a move to make things right in the world to make a way towards you.

So girls, here are 21 signs that shows he likes you:

1. He will do his best to make the best of it

No matter where you are, if he enjoys your company he will make you feel wanted. He will lean towards just to listen to your words. That’s when you will learn that he is into you.


2. Mimics your expression

He will copy your every expression. When you will be resting your cheeks on your palm he will do the same and will smile back, it’s a sign of attraction.


3. He minutely notices everything

While talking he might notices your eyes his eyes will take a detour of your face your earrings your lipstick colour. When he looks at your lips while talking that simply means he wants to kiss you.


4. He might get pissed off when you talk about other guy

He might make himself look that he is cool when you talk about some other guy. But you will notice a sudden change in his behavior, like he will either be quite or will start talking about some other girl who was once into him or likes him yet.


5. He will raise his eyebrows

Its a natural reaction to something that we find attractive, we raise our eyebrows.


6. He will look for the chances to wrap his arm around your shoulder

When he tries to be protective and when he tries to act as if he really cares about your existence, he will look for the chances in public places to hold your hand, he will try his best to make sure that no other guy touches you.


7. His friends might tease him when you are around

You will notice that when you will be around his friends will tease him, will smile back, that’s when you will understand that he must have confessed his feelings for you in front of them.


8. He will share his dreams and aspirations

Girls this is a very important sign if he shares his future aspirations and dreams.


9. He will find his way out just to have a word with you

If he ever sees you in a group of people chances are he will join the group. A guy who is interested never wants to miss an opportunity to know you.


10. He smiles every time you cross his way

Every time when you cross each others path he smiles. It simply shows he loves you but don’t forget to note one more thing if he smiles back at other girls or not.


11. Instead of “date” world he will use the world hangout

There are guys who will always look for a way to be around you he will never say the date word instead he will say let’s hang out.


12. He remembers every tiny details about you

When he remembers your birthday and what exactly you guys talked about and what exactly you wore on that particular day, about your likes and dislikes is a proof he is into you.


13. He ignores his phone

When you are around he will put all his focus on you, he never wants an interruption of phone in between you two, because he values every moment with you.


14. He understands your value

He makes fun of you in a way that will widen your lips not let your tears roll down your cheeks. That’s your boy grab him never let him go.


15. You look more beautiful without makeup

When you are without makeup he compliments you. You look more beautiful without makeup. That’s when you will learn that he loves your inner beauty.


16. He replies to your messages within no time

He always have time for and reply to your texts, maybe he was busy thinking about you.


17. He is concerned about you

When he says to text him after reaching home, he does care that’s why he is saying so. He wants you to be safe.


18. He cancels his plans for you

When he cancels all his plans just to be with you and gives you priority above all. Not all do the same there are many who would be around only when they get bore, not all cancels their plan if he is doing then he is the one.


19. He knows how to turn your bad into a good one

He know how to make your rough day into good one, ,even though he is not good at it, but he will go to a great length just to make sure that mood has been refreshed , if he listens to all your complains and simply means that he cares about you.


20. He touches his hair

Well this is quite common in boys, many girls have noticed it quite a few times that he mess with his hair and at times make his hair to make it look cool. Whatever he does with the hair he simply wants you to look at him.


21. He is your 2 AM friend

You talk and chat late nights. Also you become his best friend and he shares his every secrets with you.


So girls, how many of the above things are going in your life?