Do you know that the way you sleep says a lot about who you are as a person?

Researchers, psychologists and sleep scientists have been studying the most common sleep patterns to know what actually sleeping gesture of the human tell about their nature. If you are keen to know any person really then you have to watch them sleep.

This can be better understood in terms of body language. As your postures and gestures has something to say you. Similarly sleeping positions reveals few accepts about your personality.

When you go to bed tonight, just check your sleep gesture, probably after reading this article you will find out how much your sleeping gesture and your personality traits match up.


Majorly there are six different sleeping positions, and each position reveals different personality of the sleeper’s. Let’s take a look at each sleep position, with its personality traits:

1. Fetal position

The fetal gesture is when you curl your knees in towards your chest considering it as the safe sleeping style or gesture. This is the most common sleeping position. And this sleeping position is twice as common in women as compared to men.

Personality Traits: Those who sleep in the fetal gesture are generally tough on the outside, but they have a tender heart from inside. They are typically shy people and take time to open up, but once they open up they are relaxed and comfortable.


2. Log Position

Lying on your side with both arms straight down by your side. 15% of people are comfortable to sleep in the log gesture. This sleeping position is good for one’s health too.

Personality Traits: People who sleep like a log are known as social butterflies, means they are love to make friends. They are friendly, carefree and trustworthy. Also they have tendency to believe in someone easily, including strangers, which makes them easy targets for people who want to cheat them.


3. Yearner Position

The yearner is the gesture where you sleep on your side, but have your arms stretched out in front of you, as if you are reaching out for something.

Personality Traits: People who sleep like this are having complicated nature but they are open-minded, yet cynical; slow and suspicious. They they make any decision they stay stick to it and don’t change.


4.Soldier Position

Exactly as it sounds, the soldier gesture is when you sleep on your back with your arms by your sides, only 8% of people like to sleep in soldier position. This sleep position is also not good from the point of view of health and sleep hygiene.

Personality Traits: The people who sleep in the soldier gesture are quiet, reserved, and partially introvert. They also have strict moral codes of life.


5. Freefaller Position

The freefaller gesture is when you are lying on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow and keep your head to one side. Sleeping on your stomach is something many people find uncomfortable, but the freefall position is considered very good in aiding digestion.

Personality Traits: Freefalling sleepers are confident, extroverted, bold and sociable on the outside, but they don’t have guts to deal with criticism.


6. Starfish Position

The starfish sleepers spread out over the entire bed, comfortable and carefree. Another term used to apply to the people who adopted starfish gesture of sleeping is “spread-eagle“.

Personality Traits: Starfish sleepers are always there for their friends in short they are great friends. They prefer to keep themselves away from limelight.


Only 5% of people reported that they sleep in a different position every night, while the majority of the people stick to same style of sleeping every night.

Source: Little Things