Getting caught by your children while doing the thing is quite embarrassing for any parents. Such parents have shared their story on Whisper confessing what happened exactly when they were caught red handed.

Scroll down to read those embarrassing moments:

1. I’m house sitting for my mom all week. Last night her bf’s son walked in as my bf and I were fooling around in her jacuzzi tub. I’ve never had to make up a story so fast.


2. My son caught me taking selfies. I told him I was just using it as a mirror. Damn you Snapchat.


3. My 3 year old walked in on my husband and I getting busy today. So I think we will be paying for a few therapy sessions down the road.


4. My 3-year-old daughter walked in on me putting a pad on. Now she insists she also needs “panty stickers”.


5. My 6 year old walked in on me having sex, and then ran away and told his sister “I saw mommy jumping on that bed!”.


6. One time my daughter walked in on me when I had just gotten out of the shower and asked, “Mommy, why is there grass on your peepee?”


7. My 3 year old walked in on my husband and I having sex. She grabbed the phone and proceeded to call my mother in law and cry because Mommy was trying to kill Daddy. No more soap operas for her.


8. Dressed up in birthday suit to surprise husband on his birthday. His son walked in… So embarrassed.


9. My bf took me to his house back when he was married, his wife at the time wasn’t home… His son walked in on us having sex and told her and her mom.


10. I slept with my husband’s boss at my son’s 5th birthday party. My son walked in on us.


11. Today, my 4 year old son caught me eating chocolate… Because I didn’t want to share it with him, I told him that it had alcohol in it I am not even sorry.


12. My son walked in on his football coach spanking me last night.


13. My 3 year old daughter walked in on my husband and I mid-orgasm, I told her we were having tickle fight and spilled milk on each other.


14. I caught my father having an affair. I told my mom. I am so proud of her for leaving him. I love my dad…but my mom deserves better.


15. My husband and I were having sex at 2 am when our 6 year old daughter walked in and yelled at him to “stop hurting mommy!” Then she jumped on the bed and hit him with a book


16. Threatened someone on the phone today and son walked in on it, He has now seen his real mother.


17. My son walked in on me and my wife. He’s six and haven’t talked to me for the past 3 days.


18. Last Christmas I was trying to be very quite putting all the presents under the tree and my daughter caught me. She now thinks I work for Santa.


19. My two year old once walked on my husband and me having sex, my husband jumped up faster than I have ever seen him move and yelled “this isn’t munchkin rated”.


20. Watching Varsity Blues. guess what scene my 6 year old daughter walked in on?


All of the above confessions have been taken from whisper.