Have you ever wondered what girls actually think when they are on bed with a guy. Girls have to admit that they cannot completely switch their brain off during sex. And while hookup their thoughts can get a bit crazy. We just found some crazy revelations done by woman who have shared their secret on Whisper.

Here is the list of completely crazy and hilarious things girls think while they are sleeping with you:

1. Most of the time I get bored during sex then kinda look around my room and think about random things.

2. During sex, I’m still insecure when my boyfriend touches me. I can’t help but think about the fat and stretch marks my thighs and stomach.

3. I sometimes think about our cats when I have sex with my husband.

4. During sex with my bf, I think about the women that came before me. Me makes me sad then I just want it to be over.

5. While my boyfriend and I were having sex I was thinking about cheeseburgers.

6. I always end up thinking about relatives that have died when I have sex with my boyfriend and I don’t know why.

7. I think about my vibrator during sex

8. When I’m having sex with my boyfriend, I think about girls to get off.

9. During sex I think about myself and it’s a huge turn on.

10. I watch porn to have something to think about during sex. Keeps my boring boyfriend interesting.

11. I’m always thinking “I wish he’d hurry up and get off me” while having sex.

12. Sometimes during sex I think about my boyfriend banging another girl.

13. When I’m having sex with my bf and we make contact I think to myself “we’ll make beautiful children”.

14. I think about what I’m going to cook for dinner when I’m bored during sex.

15. When I have sex with my boyfriend I climax faster when I think about pretzels.

16. Sometimes during sex with my boyfriend, I have to think about my ex to get off.

17. I think about random thinks during sex. Like do I need more shampoo.

18. All I can think about while I have sex with my bf is having sex with another woman.

19. When my bf and I have sex, I orgasm when I think of him fuc*ing another woman while I watch.

20. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t orgasm while having sex with my husband unless I’m thinking about having sex with a woman.

21. May sound weird but I want a woman to shit talk/say degrading things while having sex. I think it hot.

All of the above confessions have been taken from whisper.