There are two things we know about masturbation for sure, one is almost everyone is doing it, and another is that no one wants to talk about it. The problem with telling no one is that it leads to myths which many adults still believe. And when we talk about female masturbation it comes with lots of more myths, discouragements and is considered as taboo in our society.

Why we don’t talk about a women masturbating? Every girl has the same right to fantasize like guys have.

So, Agents of Ishq, a multi-media project about sex, love and desire decided to conduct a survey on women masturbation in which 100 women participated. They asked many question starting from where, what and with, and the responses are quite interesting.

Here are some the funniest thing people say about woman masturbation in the survey done:

How often a women masturbate?

Only one person in the survey said that she did not masturbate at all.

How long does it take for a woman to reach orgasm when they masturbate?

What do women generally masturbate to?

32 percent women prefer to read while getting aroused while 58 percent prefer visual treat.

80 Percent of the women who preferred visual stimuli choose porn, while other 20 percent prefers images and their own imagination.

Out of which 14 percent preferred their own imagination.

What stuffs women use to masturbate?

Fun with hand shower and jet spray.

The old Nokia phones came as a surprise in the survey which are used as vibrators.

Here are the domestic items used.

Public places where women masturbate.

And these people caught them most of the times while masturbating.

Finally here are few confessions made by women who took part in the survey:

Hence proved: Women are just as horny as men.

Source: Agents Of Ishq.