There is something big about orgasm. The moment when everything in your body feels united. And the heavenly feeling of  reaching the climax after getting the perfect orgasm.

Photographer Albert Pocej, decided to capture something which most of us may feel that it’s something we would rather not show to the world. Once he dreamed about the idea of capturing the moment of women reaching the highest point of physical pleasure, and decided that he had to do it.

At boredpanda Albert wrote:

At first I thought it would be impossible. Finding the models was the most difficult part. I started to write to everybody I know without any boundaries since all the women are so different. The answers I got were mostly two kinds: “I don’t have enough courage”, and just the silence, which is also pretty obvious as an answer. When I finally found 20 women that were ready to take part in this project, some of them refused to continue when I told them that it will not be acting, and some of them weren’t able to relax already while shooting. So at the end there were only 15 left.  All participating models have experienced real orgasms during this photo project. To reach the best results, sometimes I used time lapse photography, making a picture every second automatically while I was nowhere around – this helped the models to relax. Some of the women didn’t need it and there were moments when the shot was taken manually by me.  I didn’t want this project to be a cliché, I didn’t want any acting – just the real feeling as it is. Every human being is different, so are their orgasms. I wasn’t trying to make it any better as it is in life. I wanted to make those looking at these pictures to think. And clichés don’t make people think.

Check out the moment 15 females reach ‘the highest point of physical pleasure’:
















For more of Albert Pocej’s work you can check his website and his Facebook page.